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Transforming Australia; one roof at a time.

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About us

Electrical Doctorz was established to give customers with sustainable, innovative, and renewable solar technology with a commitment for improving the lives of Australians. Our guiding principles are to think globally, act locally, and save resources for the long term, not just the immediate needs of the community in which we live. We are the top Solar PV installation company in Australia, providing high-quality work and cutting-edge solar technology at a reasonable price. " If you're looking for a new Solar PV or an Energy storage system for your home or business, you can rely on our expertise.


Choosing to go solar is now simpler as you can avail the rebates and take a step towards a cleaner Australia. Installing a solar panel (PV) system can yield a rebate of up to $1,400, plus get an interest-free loan for homeowners and rental properties. For additional savings, homeowners can apply for an interest-free loan equal to their rebate amount.

We are recognised by Clean Energy Council Australia

Our Values

The values that drive everything we do

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Precise  – Being precise is valuable for us, and we firmly stick to it. We operate very smoothly as we stay definite to our work

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Professional  – Our productivity has seen an upswing with the right professional team we have. The staff is professional and is strongly committed to the work.

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A trusted teamWe could have never reached our highest level of productivity without a trusted team. Trust is essential for an effective team, and we have complete faith in our team and the way they work.



We've taken a big step in the right path when it comes to protecting our planet. A renewable and carbon-free source of energy should be available on every Australian roof by 2030 as an alternative to fossil fuels, which have caused permanent damage to our world. Let the sun's unending supply of energy fuel our daily activities. 




We have to create a history of installing solar panels on every roof in Australia, and every step in this direction takes us closer to this mission. The goal of our team is to finish every project on time and within budget by using cutting-edge technology, motivated by a strong sense of purpose. To contribute to a viable energy solution, get in touch with us.

Wanna join the crew?

We are growing our global team of Solar experts.

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