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Contribute towards a sustainable future, choose us for your Solar needs.

Top solar companies in Australia, Electricaldoctorz help residential and commercial properties harness solar energy to reduce electricity bills, carbon footprints, and become more energy independent.

Installing a Solar solution is that easy.


Site inspection  – Our experts perform a complete property inspection, and we will guide you in detail about the installation process.


Approval & Installation  – all the approvals and other formalities are handled by us and proceed toward installation with our experts.


Maintenance   Our team does not stop after the installation. The solar system performance is monitored in detail to ensure that it works to its optimal capacity.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Power

We are dedicated towards making world a greener planet and pledged towards Australia net zero emissions by 2050

You will start saving on your electricity bills when you switch to solar. You can meet all your energy needs without worrying about the electricity costs.

You are contributing to a clean and safe environment by choosing solar energy. No harmful emissions are released into the air when you produce electricity by choosing solar.

Are you looking for a clean and green source of energy in Australia? If yes, it's time to go solar. There is nothing about solar energy that harms or pollutes the environment.

The sun provides us with unlimited energy to meet the entire world's energy needs. This endless energy source from the sun can be your free energy.

Switching to solar means switching to a renewable source of energy. Solar panels produce electricity by transforming the energy from the sun.

We are recognised by Clean Energy Council Australia


Why choose us

We are on a mission to make Australia cleaner and greener. This drive keeps us going, and every day we take a step closer to a cleaner Australia.

We are laser-focused on providing a perfect customer service experience from start to finish. The requirements of our clients are our foremost priority

We are the leading solar panels' installation company with the most efficient design team. Backed up by a competent team and experienced leader, we are paving the way towards providing cheaper and cleaner energy.

What we Offer

The switch towards more environmentally friendly energy solutions has begun. If the sun shines on your home or commercial work space i.e. business,we can show you how to make the most of it. For us, the path to lower your utility bills and a better environment is a joy. 

You hold the power to transform the future, Choose solar for your residential and commercial property. Let us turn your home or commercial into our next project.

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Commercial solar solution



What people say about us

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“They are very professional.

 Totally recommend it." 

Harry Singh

Melbourne, Australia

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They are exactly the solar solution I was looking for.”

Aman P.

Melbourne, Australia

Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 02.53.00.png

Customer support is really great and very helpful.”

Chris G.

Melbourne, Australia

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“I wasn't sure which company would deliver the best solar panels. I consulted many but finally settled with Electrical Doctorz, best decision ever!”

Happy Smile

Lauren Bailey

Melbourne, Australia

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